News From National President Faith Tiberio

                                  Root Allures

To quote the New York Times “A survey on consumer anxieties over higher foods and fuel prices from the LePold Center for sustainable agriculture at Iowa State University in Ames, a great number of people will raise more of their own vegetables and many are going back to the Root cellars of our Grandmothers Day.”

There is a 1979 “Root Cellaring” by Mike and Nancy Bubel which is helpful. But there are many others, with hints for cutting of tops of vegetables within one inch of the growth; glazing turnips and rutabagas with paraffin and putting beets into buckets with dry fall leaves. Carrots can be stored in moist sand or peat moss with crowns removed, nor is it necessary to have a dirt floored cellar. Nooks and crannies that are cool and ventilated can be used successfully.

Meanwhile, our branches continue to work and grow. Rochester Branch will celebrate its 75th Anniversary and annual meeting on Tuesday May 11, 2010 at Addison Oaks in Leonard, Michigan. Their newsletter is always filled with up coming events and information as in Ohio Newsletter “Daffodil Days” in Detroit, May 27th with the Claudia Society.

Audrey Ehrler reports that on April 15th Janine Thomas of Hartford, NY will be installed as the New York State Division president. Their work on the Bee Project will continue, and we thank Audrey for her inspiring leadership. She and Margaret Latham have managed our interim commitment at the National Arboretum with great success.

Mayflower Branch is working on herb gardens and eradicating invasive plants while Keystone Branch is attracting community folk to participate in local agriculture, among many other projects at our “Home” Temple – Ambler.

Another beautiful magazine from Kathy Beveridge, and within is the call for the meeting in Buffalo.

 Before I forget, we are still looking for stories. Does anyone remember Spirella Corset Company of Buffalo [and world wide] which gave Real career opportunities to woman at the turn of the century and for decades afterwards? This company changed woman’s mental and physical states for the better and yet today is nearly forgotten. Let me know.

We must not forget Mary Bertolini, either, and safely, happily and economically to Niagara Falls, where you just might get to see the two legged vegetables welcoming you with open foliage.