Associated Country Women of the World

“Working with women worldwide.”

Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) is the largest organization of rural women and homemakers. The ACWW currently represents millions through the linking of over 376 country women’s clubs and societies in 64 countries, each with their own national characteristics and independent activities.

Headquartered in London, England where all chapter presidents report, it has consultative, non-governmental status with certain United Nations agencies, and has a uniquely down-to-earth approach in promoting international goodwill and offering practical help to its members.

Through projects in rural communities ACWW aims to improve the standard of living for all women and their families in the following areas:

  • health and nutrition
  • housing and fresh water supply
  • literacy
  • small-scale agricultural and income generating schemes
  • leadership training that encourages women to play a full part in the development of their communities.

There are nine areas within ACWW:

  • Asia Central/South
  • Asia South East/Far East
  • South Pacific
  • United States
  • Africa East/West Central
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • South America/Caribbean

Our Role in the ACWW

Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association Inc. is a member society of the ACWW. Our role is to promote and educate members on the works, projects and scholarships provided through ACWW.

Financial support is encouraged by Branches and National to further the work of ACWW worldwide. The Grace E. Frysinger Fellowship between WNF&GA and an ACWW member society promotes friendship, understanding and special programs.

The ACWW Triennial Meeting

The Triennial Conference, presented by ACWW, and held throughout the world, presents a forum for all society representatives to receive the reports of the organization and approve the work of the Council, Board and Committees.

The delegates also consider financial reports and budgets, along with casting votes on proposed Resolutions and Recommendations proposed by various societies throughout the world and of relevance to the well being of members worldwide.

Pennies For Friendship

Membership dues for ACWW have always been set at a low level so that eligible societies are not prevented from joining because of cost. Because of these low dues other means of financing the ongoing work and infrastructure of ACWW had to be found.

In 1939, the then Chairman of finance, Mrs. Godfrey Drage, had the idea of asking every member of every ACWW society to donate at least the smallest coin of her country each year to enable the continuation of essential work on behalf of other women and their families. This voluntary fund has become the lifeblood of ACWW, and it is known as PENNIES FOR FRIENDSHIP.

Today nothing functions without these PENNIES. ACWW projects administration, United Nations links, Officers’ international work, Triennial World Conferences, and The Countrywoman magazine, are all supported by PENNIES FOR FRIENDSHIP.

To collect these valuable PENNIES, many member societies arrange a central collection through their branches each year, and pass on the total to ACWW. But PENNIES can also be individual donations, collections at members’ meetings, the result of fund-raising sales, competitions and sponsorship events – held perhaps on ACWW DAY, the 29th of April?

Every country has its own name for PENNIES, and some members like to give, say, the equivalent of a loaf of bread or a cup of coffee. Every PENNY counts!

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