Achievements & Awards

National Awards

Pat Brown

    • WNFGA recognizes many exceptional branch projects and the impact created by those\projects on area communities annually.  The branch shall submit an application along with photos and an essay to explain and illustrate the project.  Awards exist in each interest area.
        • Civic Services
        • Education
        • Environmental Concerns
        • Gardening Floral Arts
        • Horticultural Therapy
        • International
        • Promotion and Growth
        • Agriculture

Applications must be received by May 15 of the calendar year after the project was completed for one interest area.  Click here for the application form.

WNFGA Interest areas, Goals and Roles of Coordinators:

    • CIVIC SERVICE GOAL:  To make our communities a better place; to stimulate and promote interest in community activities concerned with civic improvement and beautification.
    • Civic Service contact:

EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP GOAL: To make scholarships available that further the aims and purposes of our organization and that provide on-going education about our organization and its history.

Education/Scholarship contact: Karol Carter

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS GOAL: To leave our earth a better place because of our having been here, and to stimulate and promote an interest in healthy environmental activities.

Environmental Concerns:

FLORAL ARTS FOCUS GOAL: To promote appreciation of floral arts; to offer learning about floral arts; to honor a member/s who has made outstanding contributions in floral arts to our organization; and to support members who wish to qualify as a Flower Show Judge.

Floral Arts contact: Karin Bickle

GARDENING FOCUS GOAL: The goal is to balance our social activities with physically growing things.


HORTICULTURAL THERAPY GOAL: To enable healing and rehabilitation for people with special needs; to improve physical and mental well-being through the use of plants and horticultural related activities; to further the interests of members in this important endeavor.

Horticultural Therapy contact: JoAnn Preston

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION FOCUS GOAL: The goal is for us to become more aware of the needs and activities of women around the world in our sister organizations, and to do our part to help.

International Cooperation Kay Engelhart:

PROMOTION AND GROWTH Goal: to promote the mission and goals of the organization, promoting new branches and inviting new members.

Promotion and Growth contact:  To be determined.