Sarah Bradley Tyson Memorial Fellowship

For graduate study in agriculture, horticulture and related fields.

The amount of the award is established at the beginning of each year.

The fellowship is to be used for advanced study (masters or doctorate) at an educational institution of recognized standing within the United States.

Conditions for applying

The acceptance of the fellowship implies the obligation on the part of the student to devote herself unreservedly to study or research as outlined in her application and to submit any proposed change in her plan to the chair for approval. Also, she will send to the chair at least two reports on her work; one at the end of the first semester and another upon the completion of the year’s work. The Committee regards the acceptance of the fellowship as creating a contract requiring the fulfillment of these conditions.


To apply, please email the following documents by August 1st to Karol Carter, at karolvet@aol.com. There are no application forms.

    1. Your name and address, email and phone number
    2. A statement of objectives and the plan of study.
    3. A resume, c. v. or an account of your educational training and work history.
    4. Two letters of recommendation.
    5. Academic transcript (unofficial is fine) from the registrar of the college or university.
    6. Your thesis papers or professional reports, published or unpublished.

Confidential letters sent to the committee are retained.

Fellowship Committee Members

Karol Carter, Committee Chair
5062 Buckingham  Troy, MI 48098   248-854-3728

Suzanne Smith-Oscilowski   416 Gwynedd Valley Dr.  Lower Gwynedd  PA 19002   215-740-7264  suzgarden416@gmail,com  and

Mary Schwark  367 Ferndale Avenue  Birmingham, MI 48009  248-765-4809  schwark@aol.com


The Sarah Bradley Tyson Memorial Fellowship was the first memorial scholarship of the Association.  It was established in honor of Mrs. Tyson who served as the second national president from 1921 to 1924. A resident of the Chicago area, Mrs. Tyson was president of the Mid-West division that was organized in 1915. A native of Vermont, Mrs. Tyson maintained her homestead, Rice Farm, near Brattleboro, where she supervised extensive orchards and dairy and poultry operations. Shipments of apples, maple sugar, turkeys, cream and butter made their way regularly to Boston from Rice Farm. In the summer months, Mrs. Tyson brought young women students to the farm for practical training for which they were paid. Mrs. Tyson was vitally interested in improving relations between city and rural women and in government programs related to the improvement of farm and community life. She sponsored many 4-H scholarships for rural girls.

 [From: ‘A Chronicle:  History of Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association’]

Warren/Sanders/McNaughton Oceanographic Scholarship

This Scholarship is awarded for graduate study in oceanography and related aquatic fields.  It is good for one year of study, though the student may apply each year for its continued support.  ** The Warren Sanders McNaughton Oceanographic Scholarship will not be funded in 2022. **

Upon receiving this award the student agrees to follow and complete the program of study or research as outlined in the application, and to communicate with the Scholarship Chair any changes in the program, as well as periodic progress reports.

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