International Cooperation


ACWW exists to amplify the voices of rural women, collecting factual data on their living conditions and using that information to hold governments to account through our consultative status with the United Nations.

ACWW exists to connect rural women, knowing that our voice is so much stronger when we speak together.

ACWW exists to mobilize rural women to be leaders in the communities, producing resources that can be used to educate at a grassroots level.

ACWW exists to empower. We empower by recognizing that rural women have a voice and that voice has gone unheard for far too long. We empower by funding small-scale, grassroots projects that improve whole communities one women at a time. We empower by raising awareness of international treaties and agreements that protect the rights of women and by involving our member societies in treaty negotiations at an international level. We empower through friendship and collaboration at our Area and Triennial World Conferences.

Rural women are the backbone of families, communities, and nations, but they suffer the worst impacts of climate change and conflict, go unheard in legislation, and remain unprotected and unsupported. ACWW exists to change that.

WNF&GA annually supports the programs, and projects of ACWW through the Frysinger International Project Fund. This fund, originally the Grace E. Frysinger International Fellowship, is funded by member donations and investment earnings. Your donations DO make a difference!

Members of WNF&GA ask ‘how can we help’? This is one fun and easy way to raise funds and awareness of the work of ACWW with your members and the community. A packet has been developed to help you with your walk and includes a sponsorship form, ideas for more activities, a page that can be printed on sticker paper to create stickers or cardstock to create badges and information about our work. Let’s participate!

For even more information, read The Final Report on Project 1042 and contact the International Frysinger Project Chair Kay Engelhart at



Membership dues for ACWW have always been set at a low level so that eligible societies are not prevented from joining because of cost. Because of these low dues other means of financing the ongoing work and infrastructure of ACWW had to be found.

In 1939, the then Chairman of finance, Mrs. Godfrey Drage, had the idea of asking every member of every ACWW society to donate at least the smallest coin of her country each year to enable the continuation of essential work on behalf of other women and their families. This voluntary fund has become the lifeblood of ACWW, and it is known as PENNIES FOR FRIENDSHIP.

In 2022 in order to better fund ACWW projects in a timelier manner, PENNIES FOR FRIENDSHIP was replaced by a new program called RURAL WOMEN IN ACTION that strengthens and broadens the work of ACWW. A yearly collection from branch members will continue to be collected. Today nothing functions without these collections. ACWW projects administration, United Nations links, Officers’ international work, Triennial World Conferences, and The Countrywoman magazine, are all supported by these donations.

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