Promotion and Growth

How to Grow Your Branch

Do you know what other branches of WNF&GA are doing to increase membership?

The Cambridge Branch publicizes meetings and programs in the local newspaper saying, “Guests are welcome!”

Bea Peterson of the NY Division says, “Good things come from getting branches and divisions involved in projects.

Jenny Carey of the Ambler Keystone Branch swears by the annual “bring a friend to tea.”  Everyone brings part of the feast and a new friend who might enjoy the fun and consider joining.  The event reinforces the social connection and fun that go hand in hand with membership in WNF&GA.

Kathy Beveridge of the Bucks Farm & Garden Branch suggests reaching out to schools and colleges that offer courses in horticulture. There you will find people with a common interest who are pursuing their passion for plants. Some are bound to want to join.

Marla Diamond says assigning each new member a “mentor” is helpful as they appreciate their sponsor’s support while meeting branch members and learning about the group.

Audrey Ehrler of the Tri-County Branch and Member-At-Large suggests establishing an award for the member who attracts the most new members each year. Their “Friendship Award” was invented to recognize Jean Getty for bringing in five last year!

Jean Getty of the Tri-County Branch suggests talking to people. Getty attends events all over the county. She approaches people, asks where they live, and invites them to join the branch. She hands them a program book, circles the name of the member who lives nearest to them, and tells them to call that member if they would like a ride to the next meeting.

For more information, contact Cheryl Malin, National Registrar,