Dear Women’s National Farm and Garden Association,   

               My name is Shannon Hodapp and this year I am the Dogwoods Collection intern at the National Arboretum.  I would like tell you a little bit about my background and then proceed to update you on what has been happening during my internship. 

I am a rising senior at Virginia Tech, studying Horticulture with a focus in Landscape Design.  I also have a part time job on campus working for the Hahn Horticulture Garden Pavilion, working with the events coordinator.  This part time job has recently influenced me to lean towards a career similar to an education/events coordinator at a garden or estate.   During this  internship at the National Arboretum, I have done tasks such as weed, mulch, prune shrubs, partake in our intern group project (help design and install hardscapes and plants), and take pictures for the power point that will be presented in the spring about this internship.

  This experience has proven to be beneficial so far in that I have learned how to work with a group for the intern project, and during this project I have learned about drip irrigation installment and hardscape/pavers installment.  Most of the other tasks I have done previously, or are self-explanatory.

 I will be forwarding you my photos in a power point in the near future.  Thank you again for giving me the opportunity of working for this internship.



The Renaud/Peterson Internship Program

Dear Members,

Thank you for supporting Shannon Hodapp this past summer. She has worked very hard to improve the appearance of our lovely Louisa King Memorial Dogwood Garden at the US National Arbooretum.

In early spring, I made a special request to the Staff at the Arboretum. I asked that Shannon be permitted to photograph her entire experience this summer. The Staff agreed and so did Shannon. At our next National Meeting in 2012, you will view a Power Point Presentation of what actually happens there at the Arboretum and how the Internship Program benefits everyone involved in this marvelous opportunity to serve our Nation.

This past year Bea Peterson, Mary Bertolini and Sally Tamm have visited the Arboretum in Washington, D.C. If you are planning a visit to our Nation’s Capitol, please try to get to the Arboretum. Admission and Parking are free. You will be pleased that you took the time to visit this peaceful and inspiring and beautiful place.

Thank you for your generous support year after year. If you wish to make another contribution to this project, please send a donation to our E&C Treasurer, Susan Hunt at 238 Causeway St., Medfield, MA 02052.        Label it ” Arboretum”.

Respectfully Submitted,

Audrey E. Ehrler-Liasion to the US National Arboretum