Hazel Herring Civic Improvment Grant

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
– Marcel Proust

The Hazel Herring grant was originally established as an award for a completed project. Since then its focus has changed, with Hazel’s approval, to that of a GRANT to be given to a Branch, or Division project of “improvement” through civic action or improvement through beautification. Projects which will be considered include community gardens, landscaping or historic landmarks or community properties, establishment of playgrounds, open space parks, picnic areas and similar endeavors which benefit and improve public areas.

This is in addition to and separate from the Civic Improvement Award. It can be part of a continuing large project, but a new phase. This will afford all Divisions and Branches the opportunity to fund an important project with Grant money up front. The Grants will be given only once per project as applied for on the application.

Our very special thanks goes to Jack and Hazel Herring for funding this very worthwhile grant. (Editor’s hint: Hazel always enjoys hearing from the recipients and knowing how their projects impacted their community.)

These grants are based on APPLICATION  prepared and submitted by WNF&GA Branches with proposed projects outlined. This application must be received by May 1st of the year the grant is sought for.

Here is a sampling of awards given.

Clarkston Branch, MI $500.00
Name of Project: White pine seedling and Michigan History Play.

They plan to give five White Pine seedlings to 3600 Clarkston students in grades kindergarten through fifth. Each of the seven schools will receive a 5 foot White Pine tree to be planted on the school ground. Each school will see a two act play, written and performed by Clarkston Branch, which will tell the importance of the White Pine to the settlement and its existance.

Tri-County Branch, NY $400.00
Name of Project: Children’s Garden at Mary J. Tanner School.

They plan to create a garden that contains child size elements. The children will be involved in all phases of the garden – planning, planting and harvesting.

Trenton Branch, MI $400.00
Name of Project: Bridge Cultural Center Phase II, Make a Difference By Saving Our Community Heritage.

They will be preserving the garden shed and pond.

Franklin Branch, MI $400.00
Name of Project: Franklin Broughton House Garden.

They plan to create an outdoor Horticulture Museum in the 4th phase of the garden.

Saginaw Branch, MI $300.00
Name of Project: Cushway Home Gardens

The money will be used to purchase plants for this Greek Revival style house, built in 1844.

These last two awards were given this time only for finished projects.

Franklin Branch, MI $200.00
Name of Project: Franklin Broughton House Garden

They donated plants and maintained the garden. Planted a tree and a rose bush as a memorial.

Trenton Branch, MI $200.00
Name of project: Bridge Cultural Center

They worked on the Formal Victorian Garden, cleaned the ground around the foundation of the house and two entrances to the property. Cleaned the fishpond.


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