Mayflower Writes of the National Annual Meeting:

Good afternoon,

 I am enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon after spending three busy days
 at the WNFG Annual Meeting. Everyone had a great weekend from the
 moment they were greeted by buzzing bees at the registration table,
 thanks to a few of our brave MFG members. Our gifts bags were a real
 HIT! On Wednesday night, Susan served a delicious fried chicken
 dinner accompanied by a variety of delicious vegetables. The dinner
 ended with a dessert of frozen honey and lavender custard, circled with
 fresh strawberries laced with rose water, and little bees topped the
 custard. Bright and early Thursday morning, we met at the Natick
 Crown Plaza and made our way into Boston for the famous Duck Tour and
 lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club with a speaker who educated us about
 the very talented gardener, Norah Lindsay. The heavens were with us,
 we managed to get through the day without a drop of rain despite the

 Friday, we got down to business, heard reports from other divisions
 and branches, brainstormed ideas on increasing membership, and
 marveled at the wonderful branch projects. The rich history of WNFG is
 one to be admired along with the dedication of its members. We hope
 to be able to share this with the women of Mayflower FG. We were

 very fortunate to sell some of our bags as well as raffle tickets to a
 two night stay at Hotel Sofitel of Philadelphia. As the day went on
 the rain to came and went. We hoped for another blessing from the
 heavens, which was answered, the sun shined and the temperatures
 warmed as the large bus, which brought the majority of members to the
 annual meeting, once again carried them down the windy, back streets
 of Sherborn to Faith’s home for a traditional New England clambake.
 We strolled the magnificent gardens listening to a jazzy, blues
 singer, sipped white wine and shared conversation with our new friends.
 It was truly an unforgettable evening.

 Bright and early on Saturday, we continued our business meeting with
 our WNFG President, Faith Tiberio presiding. After lunch we headed
 over to the amazing Garden in the Woods. Our member, Sylvia Anderson,
 aided the guides with her great breadth of knowledge on native plants.
 It was wonderful to walk among the natural beauty of nature. What we
 assumed was native to New England, we soon learned that our friends
 from Ohio and Michigan had similar plants as well. It was fun to
 share our gardening stories with each other.

 Saturday evening the ladies dressed in their finest and we shared in
 the frenzy of a silent auction, a presentation of awards and the
 drawing of the raffle. Barbara Hochstettler was delighted to have
 her name picked. Hugs all around, we said our good byes and promises
 to meet next year in Buffalo.

 We hope many more of you can join us next year.
 Keep a lookout for more news this summer.

The Lisas

Mayflower Branch News – March 2009

In keeping with the goals of the National Association and its focuses, a major landscaping project at the entrance of the Neighborhood House Charter School in Dorchester has been completed. We had a look see last October to confirm the fruits of our labor. It was beautiful! Robin Weinman did a beautiful job designing the garden and the school did a beautiful job executing her work. We are very proud of our second completed project.
At present we are looking for a new project. We have considered building a healing garden at Boston City Hospital, at Powisset Farms in Dover or possibly a healing garden at Stone Hill College. If you have any needs we may be able to fill please visit our web site and contact us accordingly.