President’s Message Mar-Apr 2023

President Patty Burnside’s Message

March – April 2023

Greetings Gardeners and Garden Lovers.  Spring is fully upon us with trees, shrubs, and bushes budding and with flowers (and weeds) popping up everywhere, neighbors have begun their spring yard cleanups, blowers and mowers can be heard through our open windows and screen doors.  It is time to put out lawn furniture and ornaments, check that propane tanks on grills are filled, reattach our hoses, check which plants may not have survived the winter and rejoice for the ones that are appearing, spread grub control, turn over mulch, and on and on.  And don’t we all love visiting our local nurseries?  Such colors and smells!!  What an exciting and highly anticipated season!  I hope you are enjoying nature’s annual rebirth.

Please go to the Mar-Apr WNF&GA Newsletter on the website to read the full Newsletter.  The password to open the Protected: Members Only section is the one which Michigan uses for member-only content, or is  available in the Fall Magazine. Ask your president if you do not remember it.