President’s Message May-June 2023

“We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course, it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.” Jenny Uglow

Gardening truly does nurture our souls from the first green peeping through the snow to the last flower wilting from frost.  As the Beatles sang “It’s a magical mystery tour.”  Of course, we all know the science and botany behind gardening, but the flora that Mother Nature produces is magical.  Overnight, spectacular flowers appear on stems that were bare the day before.  And, lucky us, we get to “tour” through all the beautiful trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers everywhere we travel during summer.

Not only do we enjoy the fruits of our labor in our own yards and gardens, but we can also delight in all the public gardens thanks to gardeners like members of WNF&GA and other gardening groups.  Gardens bring such joy and elevate everyone’s spirit all year long – – but especially during summer.

Thank you, fellow gardeners, for planning and maintaining all the gardens throughout our communities.  Your efforts affect and influence more people than you probably imagine.  So, keep on promoting beautification, conservation, and education in your hometowns while admiring the works that Mother Nature provides to us that require no work on our part.  They just magically appear year after year.

Patty Burnside
WNF&GA National President, 2022-2024
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