President’s Message

January 17, 2022

Dear WNF&GA member,

Happy New Year!

Your 2020-2022 Executive Committee continues to meet regularly to advocate for you and your farm and garden interests.

The next Farm & Garden magazineour twice-yearly publication – will be distributed in March. Themes in 2020 and 2021 were Honoring our History, Sharpening our Image and Envisioning our Future. The theme of the upcoming spring 2022 issue will be Doing the Right Thing.

Thank you to members who have accepted – reluctantly or willingly – our new magazine distribution policy (explanation in the fall 2021 edition). Technology has provided so many opportunities to improve our methods and to simultaneously become more fiscally responsible. Accepting the new policy was difficult for many, but isn’t that often the case with significant change?

Over the last two years, WNF&GA members have made many other modifications, albeit for different reasons, with varying degrees of willingness or satisfaction: virtual meetings (from local to national); diminished or non-existent personal interactions with other members, friends and our families; cancelled travel and adventures. One of my three children lives with her family in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. We have not seen them in person for nearly three years. Big thanks, though, to Facetime.

But I’m preaching to the choir. One happy constant is our ability to maintain and enhance the beauty of our own gardens, as well as the gardens where many of us volunteer.

A wonderful 2022 National Meeting in southeast Michigan is being planned for early June. Watch for details in the March magazine. We hope to see you then.


Mary Schwark
WNF&GA president, 2020-2022