Greetings Fellow Gardeners

Greetings Fellow Gardeners and Garden Lovers

Now that the holidays are behind us and we survived the first big blizzard of winter, we return to our normal days.

This includes getting energized for all the wonderful experiences afforded to us through WNG&GA.

There are projects to continue or start; friendships to make or renew; interesting speakers to hear; gardens to plan, remediate, or maintain; volunteer time to schedule on our calendars; meetings to attend; commitments to be made; and joy to be experienced through the myriad WNF&GA opportunities.

My Saginaw Branch has adopted a recruitment slogan from Holly Furlo, one of our branch members: “IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU LIKE TO DO, WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU!”

Hats off to 2023. May we all have good health, supportive family, loving friends, and glorious gardens.

Patty Burnside, WNF&GA President 2022-24 or 989-284-3455)