Julia’s Field Notes – Winter 2013

Dear Members,

Welcome 2013!

The flurry of activities and festivities that come with the Holidays are in the past.

Ohio received an abundance of snow the day after Christmas. This year my wetlands have had the pleasure of the presence of two adult bald eagles and one immature eagle. They are truly magnificent! And such a pleasure to watch!

2013 will be an auspicious year for WNF&GA as we launch the 100th Anniversary Celebration of our founding at the Annual Meeting June5-9, 2013. Although our hotel accommodations are in New Jersey, we call this the “New York” meeting as a lot of our time will be spent in the Big Apple.

The Fall of issue of the Magazine was a delight and chock full of information pertaining to the Annual meeting. It is very important that all members who plan on attending click to participate in the activity survey https://wnfga.org/events/event-details/. This is your chance to help plan a National meeting!

WNF&GA is experiencing a shortage of National Council members! Council members are the lifeblood of the organization and your help is needed. A commitment of three years and attendance at any National Meeting the President may call is required. Open positions for the terms of 2013,2014, and 2015 are available. Please contact your Division President if interested. A great perk is that meals, lodging, and travel are tax deductible while serving on the Council.

My mailbox is being inundated, as no doubt is everyone’s, with seed and garden catalogs. It is so exciting to plan this year’s garden while I watch the snow blow and drift. The pictures are so beautiful that they make me hungry! Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Yours in Farm & Gardening,

Julia Siefker