News from National by President Faith Tiberio

Think Lobster

Mary Bertolini performs miracles. You all know that from our past meetings, trust this year Mary is out doing her previous years leger-de-main, and we can all look forward to a meaningful meeting of fun and friendship, and, in fact a mini-vacation in Boston area for an astonishingly all inclusive small sum. Wait until you see what Mary has arranged for you. It will be “Duck”, and “Ducky” is a clue.

In the meantime, The American Bee Journal, the January 2009 issue, is reporting that both in Paris and in London, rooftop apiaries are thriving. One of note is on top of the marble façade of Palais Garnier, [the Paris opera house] from which the bees are foraging on the chestnut and linden tree as well as the Palais Gardens.

In London, hives atop Fortnum and mason at 181 Picadilly are in elegant designer hives, with arch facades – Roman gothic, Chinese or Mughal design, an idea for us who need to have our hives attractively placed. These mansion English bees get to forage in Buckingham Palace 42 acre private gardens. [I’ve read recently that Queen Elizabeth will open her gardens this coming summer on a limited schedule].

According to the Bee Journal, roof top bees fly longer, going to work earlier in the morning and coming home later, laden with their golden pollen. They are twice as productive as their country cousin.

I’ll bet “Royal Jelly” from their bees, is “Royal Jelly”.

The winter meeting at Ambler has been postponed until the Provost report is made. Linda Lowe, our splendid liaison, is coming to my home in Sherborn on January 28th, with your Vice President, Jenny Rose Carey, so I’ll have some fresh news for you then.

How lucky we are to have Hazel Herring, with her wealth of experience working on Ambler “Anchor” project. Our anchor in history and in our future.  She is in constant touch and always ready with something helpful.

Does anyone know anything in the line of printing handkerchiefs – ala arts / crafts? I saw one English made hankie for children the other day which was charming. Such a thing might be adopted for Farm and Garden. Let me know?

Seed catalogs are brightening up these long snowy days and aside from dreaming of brussels sprouts, cabbage and green beans next summer, it is possible to have a lot of healthy greens, vitamin packed produce in a week or ten days by “sprouting” in an area as small as a kitchen windowsill. Fun to watch grow, good to eat sprinkled on salads and soups.

Our thanks to Kay Engelhart who faithfully sends you these messages.