News From National President Faith Tiberio: February 2010

                                     “Haiti is not a terminal illness”

        Dr. Paul Farmer, quoted at Harvard Medical School Conference, February 12, 2010

          Although Dr. Farmer’s remarks had to do with medical relief in his over-all assessment of the situation in Haiti, he expressed hope for this island and this hope is something which we in the WNF&G can partake. In the long term, the people of Haiti must be helped to advance their agriculture. Their soil is exhausted and needs fertilizer; they need seeds and people to teach them how to successfully plant and harvest crops, rather then depending on gift of grain and produce from other countries. We should look to our own Agriculture agencies for guidance in sending and money for fertilizer and tools. With this kind of aid, a generation from now things in Haiti would be much, much better.

          In the coming months, [and I know you all planning this] we must truly move in the direction of LOCAL. Our health and survival of farmers and agricultural land depend on it. More and more community garden plots, school programs and farmers market will materialize and we must support them and be fully engaged with the process.

          And just a word about root cellars and winter storage. Next month we will touch on this so that if you haven’t planned this kind of future for your cabbages, carrots, beets and potatoes next fall. There will be a few hints. Hint one: Don’t fall down the cellar steps.

          We are looking forward to being with you in June, sharing friendship knowledge, fun and —

          Oh yes, WNF&G, unlike the soil of Haiti, is rich, nurturing and comforting to the inner soul. Lets us plant generously grounds for our children and grandchildren.