Fall Council Meeting

Seasons have changed from the hot, lazy days of summer to the frenzied pace of autumn. Cooler days and nights allow us to work hard on our gardens and flower beds. We make jellies and jams from the fruits of the season, our tomato sauces and salsas have been sealed into jars and stored away. Simmering soups and stews are easy answers to those long days spent in the yard. This is a time of gathering, assessing, and replenishing. In southern climates, the warm sunshine still weaves the last magical growth from flowers and vegetables. In these areas, the time soon comes to replace summer annuals with winter colored beauties. Change is inevitable with Mother Nature. Welcomed or not, each of us undergoes a process of rest and regrouping of some kind.

Our Fall Council meeting is a process of change, too. I hope everyone responded to the survey listed in the last issue of The Magazine. Change is the most important factor in our process of transformation. Many members have concerns about our organization. Be assured that I do too! At this meeting, the Council has a job to do: help the leadership form a vision for our future. These elected representatives for Divisions and Members ensure the Focuses are maintained, the aims and goals of Farm & Garden are upheld and the interests of all Branches are protected. It is a marvelous process, one that encourages individual thoughts and debates. We are changing, slowly and carefully, into a Beautiful Farm & Garden. Let me know your thoughts! Call, drop me a note, send an e mail or invite me to a meeting. Talking is the first step on our long journey. Walk a while with me and keep stride. We will admire the wonderful accomplishments of our past and plant seeds along the way, leaving a foundation for the future.