Spring 2011 – President’s Message

Spring! Just saying the word brings smiles to our faces. We hope for so much in this season of rebirth. Gardeners hope their perennials will survive the blasts of winter. We hope for spring showers to replenish our ponds and lakes. We hope for sunshine and warm breezes to help us clean up the last dregs of winter from our gardens. We hope to start new and interesting projects. Spring and Hope seem to go hand in hand.

The Strategic Vision Planning Committee has been hard at work this past winter. They are Hoping for member ideas at the June meeting in Grand Rapids. President Elect, Julie Siefker has been Hoping for a record attendance to hear our special guest speaker, Elaine Weiss, present her wonderful book, Fruits of Victory, The History of the Woman’s Land Army in the U.S.A.

I Hope you will pick up a copy and read it before the meeting. It is an informative historical look at our organization, the need for feeding a nation and changing women’s roles in the early 20th Century.  Even then, food was very much to the forefront. I Hope we all have plans for a vegetable garden, or plans to visit our local Farm Market this summer. Fresh, nutritious, local produce, meats and dairy products make everyone healthy and wise. It makes our farmers a bit wealthier, too. 

Later this season, we will hope for beautiful peonies, irises and roses. Hope always includes a bit of doubt. If we are sure of an outcome, we have confidence. It is that bit of uncertainty that makes Hope a bit tantalizing. Let’s Hope that the weather will cooperate, our gardens will be fruitful, and our June meeting will be a resounding success.  With our members, anything is possible. You are all wonderful additions to our organization.