News From National President Faith Tiberio

June 2009 Annual Meeting

          The annual June meeting of our beloved organization brought so many of us old and new friends together, that the feeling swept over us that we would wait for our meeting in Niagara Falls with great anticipation. So mark your calendars, June 2-6, 2010. I have already put my first change in a sugar bowl to save for the trip. I do this weekly. By June, it helps.

            To report to you all the great ideas actions and plans which took place will have to be done over a period of time. Most important to you, is that Hazel Herring, Margaret Latham and Carol Leonard met frequently over the course of the meeting, to up-date Linda Lowe our liaison with Temple-Ambler about the Visitor Center / Greenhouse Fund. We are almost at out $50,000 goal, due to the wonderful generosity of you all. You must congratulate yourselves, because you will have pledged and made good, a gift of $150,000 to establish this “home-base” for the National Farm and Garden Association. I believe this to be the largest such gift in our history.  You accomplished this in a short period of three years. Our heartfelt thanks to Hazel Herring and her committee and all of you who created fund-raising events, objects and achievements.

          And more thanks to Mary Bertolini, Aileen La Bret, Linda Coughlin and Joanne Harreld who got us all together in our circle of gardening friendship.  Next month I will report to you in some detail the goings on our meeting and travels, and the lovely, intelligent women and yes, men, who made it fun and easy.