Centennial National Projects

100,000 Native Plant Project

Recognizing the importance of native plants, the WNF&GA has taken on the ambitious challenge of planting 100,000 native plants to celebrate our 100th Anniversary.  For more information, please click on:

  • Interests – Environmental Concerns tab

Food Crops Project

Agriculture has historically been an important part of the WNF&GA’s early mission. To acknowledge that historical tradition, we will be recording the food crops grown by our members during the 2014 growing season. There is no final goal but rather a desire to see members’ contributions to homegrown food crops including vegetables, fruits and herbs. For more information, please click on:

  • Interests –  Agriculture – Food Crops  tab

Questions? Please email Suzanne at

Suzanne Smith-Oscilowski, Environment Director

Sylvia Wilson, Agriculture Director